In the bookish world, TBR stands for ‘To Be Read’.  Many of us (avid readers), have some version of a TBR List, and they come in all shapes and sizes, such as:

  • A stack of 2-3 books on your bedside stand.
  • Your hold list at the local library.
  • A special book shelf filled with books you’ve picked up from your local bookstore, but haven’t read yet.
  • Your amazon cart/wish list.
  • Your Goodreads shelf.
  • Or, if you’re like me, you have several spreadsheets, paper and electronic, started then abandoned, often reworked and then updated or recreated from scratch..  (Yes, I’m a book nerd, I know!)

My current TBR list lives in 2 tabs of a Google Spreadsheet, where I also track the books I read (because I forget what books I’ve read and what I thought about them).  One tab is simply named TBR. When I hear of a book that sounds interesting, I add it to this tab so when looking for a new book, I know that at some point these books sounded good to me.  My list has currently spilled into a second tab that is labelled Summer Reading, where I am trying to pick books from my TBR that I plan to actually read this Summer. Why? Because in summer, I like books about beaches, vacation and travel, I enjoy lighter books and I don’t really want to read a book set around the holidays while I’m sitting in the sunshine with a cocktail. (I’ll put those books on my Winter list!).

I don’t expect everyone to be a book nerd like me, but I do encourage you to pull together the books in your house that you’ve been meaning to read, or have a chat with your local librarian to find a few titles you might enjoy, and start your own TBR List, in whatever format suits you!

A TBR list means you always have a book ready to read!!!

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