LogoWelcome to Cocktails In The Library.  My name is Tracy and I love books. Wow, that sounds like a support group introduction.  I suppose I could use a good support group (wait, I have one, it’s called Book Club)!!!  So yes, I really enjoy books.  One might even use the word obsessed.

When I say I love books, I mean I really, really, LOVE books. I love to look at books, I love to handle books, I love to sort books, I love to think about books, I love to search for books at the library and bookstore, I love to buy books, and yes…I love to read books. And if I can read a book with a nice cocktail in my hand (or a cup of tea), that’s even better!

I am starting this blog as a way to share my obsession, and, as a way too inspire others to embrace their own love of reading!  If you enjoy a good book, I encourage you to follow along with each new post and follow me on Instagram.

Then, grab a book, prepare a beverage, and join me in the library!!!

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