Modern Girls

Modern Girls by Jennifer S. Brown

A while back, I put my name on a list to win this book for my Book Club (known as “The Ortho Literary Society”). I was chosen and Jennifer Brown sent signed copies of her novel for every member of our club, and what a gift it was!  Modern Girls is historical fiction that reads like a family drama. Set in 1935, this Jewish immigrant family is simply living their lives, and then ,things go awry as both mother Rose and daughter Dottie find themselves unexpectedly pregnant!

Rose has raised several children and is excited about having a life of her own again, now that they are all growing up.  Needless to say, she is shocked to learn that child number 6 is on the way.

Dottie is loving life as a single young woman when, Oops!   One irresponsible decision and she is in the family way, unmarried and confused about what to do!

Brown does a tremendous job giving us insight into the struggles each woman is facing due to their own desires, the pressures of their religion, expectations of society and what it means for each of them, to be a Modern Girl in 1935.  

Never in a million years would I have guessed this was a debut novel! Brown writes in a way that allows you to glimpse into the minds of both of these women.  We truly get to know them and why they look at their situations the way they do. Brown allows us the opportunity to consider how we would handle the situation.  It’s interesting to think about how things would be completely different, and somehow still the same, in 2019.

If any bit of this sounds up your alley, pick up a copy and get reading.


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