Summer Reading

Summer and reading go hand & hand. I love getting up early on the weekend and enjoying my coffee outside, with a good book in my hand. Or, sitting in the sun, drinking a cold beer, reading a book. Or, coming home from work and enjoying a glass of wine, with a book. Or, hanging out by a friend’s pool with a book. Or, relaxing in my Adirondack chair at our cabin, with a tropical cocktail, lost in a book.

Are you picking up on the common theme here? Yep, relaxing with a book is my favorite summer pastime (and a beverage makes it even better).

Yet, I enjoy more than just reading books in summer. I get a kick out of planning what I’m going to read! Have you ever thought that planning a vacation was almost as enjoyable (or least exciting!) as the vacation itself! It’s the same thing!!! I’m excited about the books I’m going to read. And admittedly, I’m a little nervous that some aren’t going to live up to my expectations. (book nerd stress)

So as you may have guessed, I have been working on the list of books I want to read this summer…my Summer TBR, if you will. I’ve literally been stacking up books in my living room, putting hold requests in at the library, loading up my Audible and Libro.FM accounts and downloading to my kindle. There is no hope that I will get through all the book on my summer TBR, but I’m sure going to give it a try!!

Would you like to know what I plan to read? I’m not going to list them all, but here are a few, just in case you want to give one or two a try. I hope you read a couple of them, then you can chime in with your comments as soon as I post…like our own blogish book club!

  • Inheritance by Dani Shapiro (Memoir)
  • Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah (Contemporary Fiction)
  • The River by Peter Heller (Adventure)
  • A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles (Historical Fiction)
  • Under the Table by Stephanie Evanovich (Women’s Fiction/Romance)

Believe it or not, I currently have a list of almost 40 books that I would love to read this summer. I know I will add more to that list (I’m sure to find more great books throughout the summer). Will I be able to read all the books on my Summer TBR list? Nope.

However, these 5 books are the ones I am the most excited to read. I know I will read these and a bunch more. So pick one that sounds good to you, grab a beverage and enjoy your summer reading. Then later, we can talk about that book, right here!!!!

Get reading!


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