Light Summer Reading

Accidental Beauty Queen / Field Notes on Love

I read both of these recently because they were listed on the Summer Reading Guide put together by my favorite podcaster, Modern Mrs Darcy.  I would not have picked up either, if not for her recommendations.

The Accidental Beauty Queen was light and funny.  

The premise: Identical twin sisters sharing a hotel room.  They are at this hotel because one sister is participating in the beauty pageant being hosted there. The other, more bookish twin, is just along to provide support and enjoy a little vacation time.  Add in an annoying dog, a handsome judge and a horrible allergic reaction, and soon hilarity ensues as one sister must imitate the other. Heartwarming and cute, The Parent Trap meets Miss Congeniality.  Great book.

Field Notes on Love is a young adult novel.  I very rarely enjoy YA books, but every once in awhile, I find a gem.

The premise: A boy and his girlfriend plan a trip across the United States before heading off to college.  Girlfriend breaks up with boy and tells him to go ahead and enjoy the trip himself. The catch, apparently all the tickets were purchased in the girlfriends name and are non-transferable.  So, what else can the boy do but post an ad looking for someone with the same name as the ex-girlfriend. Oh yeah, and that person also has to be willing to join him on the trip. With likeable characters, travel by train, family drama and just a little bit of romance, I just couldn’t help but like this book!

If you are looking for a light and happy read, pick one up!

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