The Dry

Let’s talk about Jane Harper.   I have her most recent novel, The Lost Man, sitting on my TBR shelf.  I am planning to read it this summer, or, let’s be honest, this fall. (there are just so many really good books out there!)  I enjoyed her previous one, Force of Nature, last summer and her first novel back in June 2017. Take note, this is why I love keeping track of what I read, otherwise I would never have a clue when I read something!!!  

That first novel is the one I want to talk about, because I thought it was a great summer read!

The Dry: A Novel by Jane Harper

If you have ever heard someone say “the setting was a character itself”, and thought what????;  this is the perfect example. The story takes place in Australia, in the summer. It isn’t just hot and dry, it’s record breaking drought dry.  When the setting is that severe, it becomes its own character because it affects everyone. In this case, its suffocating.

Reasons to love this book:  Small town, Australia. Good looking main character (at least he was handsome in my imagination!).  Murder-suicide mystery. Secrets.

The Premise: Aaron Falk returns home for a friend’s funeral.  The friend died in a very unexpected murder-suicide.  Falk, being an officer of the law himself and having a long history with the dead friend, finds himself sticking around to look into things.  

The plot is layered and twisty.  Even when you begin to figure out the who, you can’t quite figure out the why and the how.  Harper does such a great job weaving the story, you would never guess The Dry was a debut book!

You’ll want a thirst quenching beverage for this one!!

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