Firefly Lane

Firefly Lane: A Novel by Kristin Hannah

I love everything Kristin Hannah writes!  I read this book while on vacation, enjoying most of it while on a plane or bus.  In fact, at one point I was on a bus with 44 people, trying to hide the fact that I had tears running down my face!!

This is book number 3 from my “5 books I’m definitely reading this summer” list, and so far it’s one of my favorites for the year.

The premise: Tully and Kate meet and become best friends in Jr High. The book follows them through the next 30+ years.  We watch them grow up and create two very different lives for themselves. Tully becomes a famous news journalist, while Kate gets married and raises a family.  Despite their differences, they support and love each other, remaining loyal friends throughout it all. 

Hannah does such a wonderful job pulling the reader into Kate and Tully’s lives and paints such vivid descriptions of the 80’s and 90’s!  It brought back great memories of my own, but also pulled me so deep into the experiences of the characters, that I felt every success and every heartbreak right along with them!

If you enjoy a good coming of age story about the power of love and friendship, I would highly recommend picking up a copy of Firefly Lane!

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