The Summer That Made Us

The Summer That Made Us (Robyn Carr)

Written in 2017, I read this book last summer and fell in love with Robyn Carr!   The Summer That Made Us is a great summer read (or a great winter read, when you are dreaming of sunshine).

The book has strong female characters, tense family relationships, connection, love, hope…all the feels. At its core it’s a feel good book.  Who doesn’t love those?!?!

The premise:  Years ago, the Hempsteads spent summers at the family lakeside cottage.  But one year, tragedy struck and the family closed up the cottage and they haven’t been back.  Years later, relationships have suffered and the family is no longer close. Until one person decides to return to the cottage for the summer and invites others to join her. During their time together, conversations occur about what really happened that summer and why relationships fell apart.

If you love stories with strong women overcoming their own crap to reconnect with family… If you love stories with hope and love… If you want a feel-good story that makes you wish you could climb inside and live a few days with the characters; this is it!

Grab a copy and let me know what you think!

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