The Flatshare

The Flatshare  by Beth O’Leary

A light book to bring balance to a heavier book I’m also reading.  

The premise:  Its a cute story of two people who have never met, deciding to share a flat.  Leon, lives in a 1 bedroom flat. He is helping his brother out of a bit of a mess and could use some extra money.  Since he works the overnight shift as a hospice nurse and spends his weekends with his girlfriend, he decided to find a  flatmate to live in his flat when he’s not there. Enter Tiffy, a woman freshly out of a bad relationship looking for cheap living arrangements.  

There is nothing surprising in this story and that’s okay!  Why? Because it’s filled with characters you can’t help but love, some hilarity, some heartbreak and the perfect bad guy that you can’t help but love to hate.

The worst thing about this book was getting used to a grown woman named Tiffy.  If you can get passed that, you are sure to fall in love and start searching the classifieds for your very own Flatshare!

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