Summer of ’69

Summer of ‘69 by Elin Hilderbrand

I guess this is my official last book of summer reading.  The weather is still warm, but there is definitely a change in the air, signalling summer is done.

I love Elin Hilderbrand.  Her books usually have great characters, are often set in Nantucket (or similar areas) and they touch on all the feels without being overly romantic or sappy.  While most of her works have all of this in common, she does a great job coming up with new stories, new people and new events. I never pick up one of her books and think “ugh, this is just like her previous book”.

The premise: Hilderbrand gives historical fiction a whirl, following the Levin family through their experience of the summer of 1969.  The family spends every summer at the grandmother’s house in Nantucket. This year is no exception, but yet, it is. Everything is different this year because the only boy of the family, Tiger, is in Vietnam.  While this is the biggest issue facing the family, there are other issues too. There is so much going on, from bad marriages, pregnancy, being close to Ted Kennedy’s accident, suspecting Grandma of kissing the handy-man while watching the moon landing on TV and more.  This book is full of lovable people struggling to find their way. It’s a great example of families having issues and working through them.

If you were around in 1969, you might enjoy the memories stirred up by Hilderbrand’s narrative.  However, even if you weren’t alive in 1969, the time period offered so much pop-culture that you can’t help but feel like you were there.

This is a great book to closeout summer reading, but Elin Hilderbrand doesn’t just do summer reads!  She has a winter series I just might pick up for my winter reading list…but we have time to think about that!

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