The Gifted School

The Gifted School by Bruce Holsinger

“Wise and addictive…a suspenseful, laugh-out-loud page-turner and an incisive inspection of privilege, race and class.”  -The New York Times

Oh the drama…

Four families, all vying to get their children enrolled in a new school for the gifted.  What could go wrong? It may not come as a surprise to you, but apparently a lot!  

These families have known each other for years.  But when they become aware of plans to create a new school for gifted children in the area, tensions rise!  Attempting to prove their children are special and deserve to attend this very exclusive school does not bring out the best in people.  Parents and children alike do things they wouldn’t normally do. 

Entertaining, surprising and able to compete with any soap opera you’ve ever watched.  I found the characters surprisingly believable and likeable, even as their morals became questionable. 

Pick it up and see what you think about the actions taken and the secrets uncovered!

This is my first official book from my FALL GRIT (Gonna Read IT) list.  Nothing says Fall like back to school drama!!!

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