The Turn of the Key

The Turn of the Key By Ruth Ware

When it comes to fall reading, I do like my books to be a little darker and Turn the Key didn’t disappoint. 

The premise: Rowan happens across and ad for a live-in nanny.  The salary puts her current income to shame, so she decides to apply.  She gets the job, living and working in a remote house…a ‘smart’ house if you will.  It has every gadget you can imagine, making simple tasks like turning on the lights or using the shower so complicated you need a manual!

Her employers have important work that means they must go away almost immediately, leaving Rowan to care for 3 kids, 2 dogs and complicated house with very little time to get acclimated.  The house is creepy, the kids are a pain and eventually we realize there is more to the story then we originally thought. 

The opinions on this book seem very mixed.  Glancing through reviews I see everything from “A spooky, gothic atmosphere and modern fears combine to make an irresistible story” to “…left me feeling unsatisfied” and “just plain bad…nothing suspenseful.”

I enjoyed it and I’d be very interested to hear what you think. Was it “spooky and suspenseful” or “just plain bad”?

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