The Witch’s Daughter

The Witch’s Daughter by Paula Brackston

This is the third book in a row with ‘Daughter’ in the title!!  It seems my book choices do that. I often find commonalities between books I’m reading, even though the books come to me in different ways.  Sometimes it’s something obvious like the title, other times it’s a random story detail like multiple books with characters owning a parrot or characters with the same occupation.

Maybe this season it’s because I’m drawn to slightly creepy books about strong women.  And this one fits that bill. Okay, it’s not really creepy, but it is very witchy (which can be a bit disturbing – that whole scary witch trial thing).   If you are familiar with Wicca at all, you will find lots of references to holidays and rituals that you have heard of before. It’s mostly done in a light, easy-going way although there is one section that mentioned Satan, and I had to roll my eyes a bit and just let that go….  P.S.A. – Wicca has nothing to do with Satan. Moving on….

The Premise: Elizabeth is a witch.  She does her best to live a solitary life, safely staying away from people who won’t understand or accept her.  Then Tegan comes along, a teenage girl looking for friendship, guidance and purpose.

The Witch’s Daughter is dark enough to be a serious read, but light enough to keep you breezily turning the pages.  This is one more really great book for Fall reading.

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