Cranberry Wine (cocktail)

Cranberry Wine?

My husband and I had the pleasure of visiting Bar Harbor, Maine.  We managed to time our visit in-between high season (summer) and the 2nd high season (autumn leaves).  The weather was brisk, but we were able to walk to town from our Bed & Breakfast and enjoy all the quaint shops and restaurants.

One day, while we were driving around Acadia National Park, we decided to pop into a local winery to see what they had to offer.  Their wines were very enjoyable, but I saw something on their list that sounded intriguing and I fully expected that I wouldn’t like it, but I had to try it.  Cranberry Wine.

It was delicious…a little sweet, a little tart. My first thought was “I wish I ate turkey”, because I know it would pair so well with a turkey dinner!  Not only would it be good with poultry, it would also be great with mushroom pot pie (our thanksgiving food), so we picked up a couple bottles to bring with us to our family’s Thanksgiving dinner.  Whether you eat turkey, pot pie, stuffing or green bean casserole, this wine is the perfect way to step outside the box and try something just a little different. I’m not sure if you can order wine directly from the winery, but maybe you can find something similar at a winery near you.  

The morale of the story is, always try the unique offerings, they are often a surprise waiting to be discovered!

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