Celine by Peter Heller

This is my 2nd Peter Heller book.  Early this summer I read The River. I didn’t really care for it, but I did like Heller’s writing.  The River has been touted as many people’s favorite of 2019. I thought Heller did a great job painting a picture of the setting and even describing the characters.  The problem was I just didn’t like the characters and felt the plot was a bit too much to be believable.

So what about Celine? I can tell you right off, I like her and that makes a huge difference!

The Premise:  Celine is a mature woman, known as the Prada PI.  She specializes in helping people find missing family members, and she is very good at what she does.  She is starting to feel her age and the symptoms of her emphysema, when a very interesting case lands in her lap.

There is nothing like the danger of gun fire and the intrigue of a mystery to rekindle a woman’s youthful exuberance!  Celine and her husband Peter head out to Yellowstone National Park to do some investigating. They meet some interesting characters, have some close calls and are overall just amusing characters.  Celine touches on serious subjects, with enough humility and humor to keep this book light and enjoyable.

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