Christmas Letters

Christmas Letter by Debbie Macomber

Who doesn’t love a sweet Debbie Macomber book?  The people that live on Blossom Street are just fabulous!!  Have you read any of her other books? There is a series that starts with a woman opening a yarn store.  It sounds like a bore, but you can’t help but fall in love with the characters!!!

The Premise: Katherine is unemployed and making some extra cash writing Christmas Letters for people.  While this fact drives the title choice, it is not really important to the story. She meets Dr. Jeffries, who happened to have written a book on child rearing that Katherine’s sister is following to the letter.  Katherine does not believe in his methods and tells him as much. However, due to interference from a meddling neighbor, the two find themselves on a date, and then another. There is chemistry, sparks and of course, disagreements.

In the end you get exactly what Macomber is known for, a cute, feel good romance based around great characters.  This is a slim book, great for enjoying during the busy holiday season.

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