Winter Street

Winter Street by Elin Hilderbrand

I was so excited when I learned that Hilderbrand wrote a Christmas series!  Hilderbrand is known for her summer-y Nantucket stories. They are often feel good books that touch on all the emotions.  Her characters are real, flawed and lovable and I think I read something by her every summer. This last summer I read Summer of ‘69’.  Now, Hilderbrand brings all that Nantucket charm to Christmas!

The premise: The Quinn family owns and operates The Winter Street Inn, located in Nantucket. They have the standard blended family, Kelley and ex-wife Margaret have adult children Patrick, Kevin and Ava.  Kelley and his current wife Mitzi have a son Bart, who is 19 and overseas in Afghanistan. As life will have it, they all have some sort of drama going on.

The day before Christmas, Mitzi creates an uproar when Kelley catches her sleeping with Santa Claus (or at least the man who has played Santa at the Inn’s annual Christmas Eve party for the last 12 years).  We learn the details of everyone’s drama, we watch them work it out and come together for an interesting and heart-felt Christmas. And, since there happens to be 3 more books in this series, we are left with some important questions that have me reaching immediately for book 2!


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