2020 Reading Goals

2020 Reading Goals 

Last year my reading goal was simply to read 100 books.  I met that goal, but I feel like it led me to focus more on hurrying through books rather than sinking into them.  This year I have a few goals, but none of them are overall quantity.

#1) I would like to do more re-reading.  This year I re-read a few books (Force of Nature, The Storied Life of A J Fickry, Jane Erye and Winter Solstice) and I found each to be better the second time around.  I used to believe there were too many good books to ‘waste’ time reading books you’ve already read. Then I heard my favorite bookish podcaster, Anne Bogel, say something along the lines of – you rush through a book the first time to see where the plot is going, and the second time you already know what’s going to happen, so you can pick up on the subtle genius of a book (beautiful wording, a wonderful quote, a funny comment from a character).  So true.

#2) I would like to read more self-development.  I used to read a lot of self-development/new-age books.  They kept me inspired to be the best version of myself. But for some reason, I don’t think I read even 1 this year, and I can feel the difference.  Bring on the inspiration!

#3) I would like to read more sequels.  While you would think that reading sequels would have been an easy way to help fulfill my 2019 quest to read more books (because I feel like sequels read faster), I found that I was so focused on moving onto the next, that sequels made me feel stalled on a story (I’m not even sure this is at all logical).  But, since this year I want to focus more on delving in and basking in the glorious-ness of the books, sequels provide the opportunity to really get to know the characters and to stay with them for awhile.

I know most people don’t consider setting reading goals, but often the best way to make something happen is to plan and to measure it!  While my focus isn’t on # of books, I will still keep a spreadsheet to know what I read and enjoyed in 2020. Curious what my spreadsheet looks like?  I changed it a bit from last year, but here is the main part!

I track the month I completed it, a 1-5 rating, the title, author, format, source (do I own it, from library, audible, etc), genre, # pgs, narrator for audio, is it published in 2020, was it a bookclub pick for 1 of the 3 clubs I belong to, did I write about it on the blog, etc.  All great information to look at come the end of 2020 to better understand what I’ve been reading!

Do you set reading goals and what are they?

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