Winter Stroll

Winter Stroll by Elin Hilderbrand

This is book # 2 of Hilderbrand’s winter series.  I took a peak at some of the reviews and comments on these books and while the series did not get stellar reviews, I must say I’m loving them.  The narration alternates between all the characters, allowing them all to tell pieces of the story (and I love that).  The characters are not perfect, instead they are all slightly flawed in a lovable way. I love the holiday themes, but it’s not as hokie as a Hallmark movie!

Book number 1 left me with questions…was Patrick going to go to jail?  Were Kelley and Margaret going to get back together? Is Bart okay?

Book 2 picks up with the family almost a year later.  It jumps right in with Mitzi, Kelley’s estranged wife, who I grew to like a lot more in Winter Stroll.

My plan was to delve further into this series and finish the next 2 books before the holidays are over!    Did I do it?  Stay tuned….

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