Winter Storm/Winter Solstice

Winter Storm/Winter Solstice by Elin Hilderbrand

These are books 3 & 4 of the series.  I made it! I finished Winter Solstice on Christmas day.  The last 2 books of the series continue on in the same fashion, chapters alternating between several narrators, filling us in on the lives of the family I have grown to love.

There were no big plot twists or other surprises, just a continuation of the quaint Nantucket life and the slight soap opera of everyday life.  

Hilderbrand has a cameo role in Book 3, as a character gives copies of the latest HIlderbrand book as bridal party favors and Book 4 had ‘new’ characters join the story, although I recognize them from The Rumor, Hilderbrands 2016 novel.  

I would recommend this series to anyone looking to join another family for the holidays!  And even though the holidays are over, these would be enjoyable reads anytime, especially over the long, dreary winter.

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