All We Ever Wanted

All We Ever Wanted by Emily Griffin

What chaos one photograph can cause.  

The Premise: All it took was one inappropriate photo of a passed-out high-school student at a party to wreak havoc on the lives of all those involved. Lyla didn’t think she had drank that much, but ends up passed out at a party.  The next day a photo of her is being passed around. Her lovable and financially struggling father marches into her prestigious private school and demands action be taken to bring justice to the kid he believes is responsible.

The issue is complicated by class & wealth and by lies & manipulation.  We watch the characters that we love fight to figure out what really happened and address it correctly.  We watch the characters that we dislike, lie and bribe to get the outcome they want.

These are deep characters that practically beg to be understood by you, making this a great book club read.  A lot of discussion can be had about why the characters act as they do, what standing by your kids really means and how and why this type of issue is becoming so prevalent in a cell phone world.  

I highly recommend spending some time with this book!


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