The Real Thing

The Real Thing by Ellen McCarthy

A cute essay collection about love and relationships, written by a former wedding reporter.  I found it enjoyable (for awhile), but I realized I’m not really a fan of essays. Therefore, I only made it about ½ way through before I called it quits.  

I typically don’t write about books I don’t finish, because I don’t want to insult someone’s work.  This book is a little different though. I didn’t stop reading it because I didn’t like it, it was good!  I quit reading it because I realized it just wasn’t for me! While I appreciated the work and enjoyed the stories, I want to read a big story, not a bunch of tiny ones.

But if you like essays or short stories, and if you are in the mood to read about relationships (and more), then pick it up!  It’s perfect for this time of year!

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