Body Thrive

Body Thrive by Cate Stillman

This is technically a re-read, but now it takes on an all new meaning.  I am now participating in Cate’s Body Thrive course, so I am working with her and her team, along with many other people who are also interested in living healthier.  Working through Body Thrive is prep work for my next course with her, Living Ayurveda, which will start in the Fall.

Body Thrive is an easy-to-use method of slowly improving your lifestyle.  The format is very similar to my book, 90 Days to Holistic Wellness (which I will write about one of these days).

I am a strong believer in lifetime learning and health & wellness.  Some of you probably know that about me, some of you may not.  

In addition to my love of books, I am an Herbalist, a Yoga teacher, a Qigong Instructor, an Author and I have used all of my learnings to help people make changes in their own lifestyle.

Over the last few years I have been diving deeper, taking a few courses in Traditional Chinese Medicine and in Ayurveda.  The 2 modalities have several similarities, but feel very different in practice. In the end, I found myself drawn more toward Ayurveda. Last year I completed a 200 hr training, but still felt like I wasn’t truly embodying what I had learned.  I am looking forward to working with Cate and her team to learn more and deeply embody the principles of Living Ayurveda.

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