The Library of Lost and Founds

The Library of Lost and Founds by Phaedra Patrick

There was more going on in this book than I had anticipated.  This was the February pick for my library book discussion group. Between the title and the cover (which was cute), I expected it to be a very light read.  It did manage to maintain a level of lightness but touched on some serious subjects.

The Premise: Martha is what you might call an old maid. She has never been married, she lives in her childhood home (where she cared for her aging parents until they died), she volunteers at the library and keeps a long ‘To-Do’ list of tasks she has agreed to do for just about everyone she knows.  Then one day, someone leaves Martha a copy of a book with an inscription for her. The inscription was written several years ago,by her grandmother, Zelda. However, Martha is perplexed because the date is a couple years after Zelda died.

What follows next is a bit mystery, a bit romance and a bit family drama.  There is humor, tears, lightheartedness and serious stuff.

The book is also sprinkled with stories within the story, as we get to read a few stories that Martha and Zelda wrote years prior. (There is a lot of deep knowledge buried in those childhood stories.)

The book turned out to be much more than I had hoped for.  Get yourself a copy, make a cup of tea and settle in for what, in the end, is a wonderful, feel-good story!

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