Spring Fling (cocktail)

Spring Fling

I was in the mood for a light, fruity cocktail.  I looked at the contents of my refrigerator and my bar and this is what I made…I call it a Spring Fling.

I love it because it can easily be altered to create other variations.

  • Chambord (raspberry liquer)
  • Sparkling Wine
  • Fresh Raspberries

In a champagne flute, fill ¼ glass with Chambord, add a couple raspberries and fill with sparkling wine (yes, I used sparkling wine in a can!)

This could be made with any other fruity liquer, or you can lighten it up by using blueberry syrup or even elderberry syrup (which almost makes it a health food)!

Perfect to enjoy while sitting in the warm spring sunshine or as part of Easter brunch.

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