Verity by Colleen Hoover

A book about books & writing turns creepy and twisted in this romantic thriller (who knew that was even a genre)!

The Premise: Lowen is approached by a lawyer for a famous writer and the writer’s husband Jeremy.  The writer, Verity Crawford is unable to complete a series of popular novels. The lawyer is looking to hire Lowen to ghost write the remainder of the series.

Lowen takes the assignment and travels to the Crawford home to spend a few days sorting through Verity’s office.  The plan is to read through the author’s notes and compile plans for the novels. However, things get twisty and interesting as Lowen learns more about Verity and Jeremy.

Does a twisty romantic thriller sound good to you?  Give it a try. When you reach the final page, maybe, like me, your only thought will be “wait, no…what??”.

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