Spring House

The Spring House by Mary Ellen Taylor

I really enjoyed this light and quick read. I feel like I’ve been reading darker books recently and needed a break.  This was perfect.  And, it was one from my Spring BIGR (Books I’m Gonna Read) list.

The Premise: Megan is pregnant and single (sadly, her fiance died). She is a decorator hired to transform the Spring House.  The narration alternates between Megan and Diane (Megan’s grandmother’s sister).  There are also a few journal entries from the eccentric previous owner, Samuel.  As we learn about the past, Megan learns more about herself and what it means to be family.

Interestingly, it wasn’t until after I finished this book that I realized there was a previous book, Winter Cottage, that I missed. While I can’t say if it would have changed my reading experience if I had read that first, I can say that this book can definitely stand on its own.

If you’d like a light read that is a little bit historical fiction, a little bit romance and a little bit family drama, grab yourself a copy.  (If for no other reason than it is a beautiful looking book!)

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