Book Woman

The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek by Kim Michele Richardson

I love when I find a great historical fiction piece that isn’t about WWII.  Therefore, I was very pleased to find this treasure.  This book has a lot going for it – 1st and foremost, it’s a book about books (you know I love that)!  And, I love when a book opens my eyes to parts of history I didn’t know about, like Roosevelt’s Kentucky Pack Horse Library Project and a group of blue skinned people that lived in the hills of Kentucky.

The blue people are descendants of a French couple that immigrated and settled in Kentucky.  They apparently were both carriers of a rare condition that caused their children to have blue skin.  This condition was later identified as methemoglobinemia, a blood condition that made their skin appear blue.  However, before the cause was realized, this family and their many descendants suffered generations of racism and bigotry due to their colored skin.

The Premise: Cussy, a blue skinned woman who works as a traveling librarian for the Pack Horse Library Project.  She overcomes prejudices and traverses dangerous terrain on her mule, Junia to share her love of books and reading with the people living deep in the Appalachian mountains.

An inspiring story that I highly recommend!

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