June Reading Stats

June Reading Stats

We are halfway through 2020, so I figure this is a good time to reality check myself versus my reading goals for the year.

My Goals for 2020 are:

Read about 100 books: I completed 55 books, plus 2 that I chose not to finish.  (that is 18,404 pages!)

Re-read more books (maybe 1/month): I have reread 3 books.

Read more books in series: I have read 19 that were part of a series.

Read more self-development books (maybe 1/month):  I have read 5.

Someone recently asked me what percentage of my books are audio, so I took a look at that too – 28%.  It’s lower than I thought, as I feel like I listen to a lot of audio books.

Keeping a simple reading log allows me to look at the data and evaluate my reading life.  Do you track your reading?

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