A Wicked Kind of Husband

A Wicked Kind of Husband by Mia Vincy

For those of you who enjoy a straight up romance, this may be right up your alley.  A Wicked Kind of Husband is actually part of a series, but it’s the only one I have read and I really enjoyed it.

The Premise: Cassandra and Joshua met only once…on their wedding day.  He has no desire to be married.  She barely knows him but needs to be married in order to inherit her father’s property.  Amusingly, they run into each other while each is with friends in London and they don’t even recognize each other!

This is a romance, so they fall for each other, run into some obstacles, then overcome it all to find their happy ending.  This isn’t a spoiler, it is the required formula of a romance novel.  But the formula doesn’t matter, it’s all the wonderful and slightly naughty details in the middle that make it so entertaining!

I would consider this to be fairly “open door”.  While it’s not ranked up there with 50 Shades of Grey, it did make me hyper aware of my surroundings during a few hot and steamy parts!

Is summer reading ever complete without at least a couple feel-good romance novels?

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