The Dutch House

The Dutch House by Ann Patchett

I heard a lot of good stuff about this book.  Then, when I looked at it on Amazon, I saw that it also had many very poor reviews. Intriguing…

The premise: The story is told by Danny.  We learn about him and his sister Maueve and how their mother left when they were young, their father remarried, then died.  Danny and Maueve were tossed out of their house, and what an amazing house it was!  The Dutch House itself is a character.

Some of the complaints about the book was that it was a bit of a dark fairy tale, and therefore not overly believable.  However, considering that the narration is based on Danny’s childhood memories, that really isn’t much of a surprise.

I thought the personalities and relationships were deep and interesting.  For me the book sparked a lot of thought about family bonds, forgiveness, interpretation and much more.

Oh, and I highly recommend this in audio format. The narration by Tom Hanks makes the story even that much more enjoyable!!!

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