Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay by William Kent Krueger

That moment when you realize the book that you started is actually the book 7 of a 17 book series…!  Oops!  I recently read my first book by this author.  I loved his writing and immediately went to my library to see what else they had by him.  I picked this up and dove in.  Soon the book was mentioning some back story on a couple characters and I thought “uh-oh”, I think I missed something.  Sure enough, I missed 6 somethings!  It was too late to go back, and it sure didn’t feel like any of the previous story was needed.  So, I’m jumping in with book 7 of the Cork O-Connor Mystery series.

The premise: Cork O’Connor agrees to help his friend, Henry Meloux, with his deathbed desire to locate his missing son, born 70 years ago.  The search takes them to Thunder Bay Ontario.  Here they run into a tangled story of murder, love and greed.

If you love a little mystery, mixed with adventure, this is a great series to jump into.  If the idea of a 17 book series is way too daunting, I highly recommend you pick up one of his stand alone books, Ordinary Grace or This TenderLand…both were excellent!

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