Fire Keeper’s Daughter

Fire Keeper’s Daughter by Angeline Boulley

I don’t read a lot of Young Adult books but I’m glad I picked this one up! I was advised that audio might be a good way to go for this one and it was. If there are going to be non-english words or an accent, audio can add so much. In this case, there are native american words used sporatically throughout and hearing them added a dimension to the story.

The premise – Daunis is a smart girl but she comes from a complicated family and a complicated town. A family tragedy has derailed her from her college plans and she falls for the new boy in town, only to learn that he is an undercover narcotics officer. Soon she is dragged into the middle of the investigation and has to navigate her way between helping the cops without selling out people she loves.

Whether you care for YA or not, this story is worth the read!

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