Ten Beach Road

Ten Beach Road by Wendy Wax

I love beachy books in the summer.  This book is on the Modern Mrs Darcy Summer Reading List and I had to pick it up.  I must say, it was not at all what I was expecting, it was even better.

The Premise: Three strangers (Maddie, Avery and Nikki) are all victims of a Ponzi scheme. They lost everything, they’re broke. However, they receive a small settlement from the properties that were left behind when the con-man disappeared. The 3 are now owners of a beach front mansion at, you guessed it, 10 Beach Rd.

It’s a great story of friendship, overcoming hardships, love and perseverance. And, if you like the story, this book happens to be 1 of 6. So if a summer series sounds up your alley, grab a copy and get started!

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