Gin and Tonic (cocktail)

A Good Ole’ Gin and Tonic

To me, this is the perfect summer cocktail.  It’s refreshing and can be mixed strong or light without much effect on the taste.  You can easily make it short or tall without having to do any confusing conversion calculations.

Basic Recipe – short

1 oz Gin
Lime Wedge
Tonic Water

Fill a rocks glass with ice. Add gin, squeeze lime into glass and top with cold tonic, stir.

You can make the same drink in a highball glass or even a pint glass. You can keep the gin at 1 oz for a more hydrating cocktail, or increase the gin to your taste.

If you really want more hydration and less alcohol, I sometimes fill the glass with ice, add the lime and then fill with tonic. Then I put a just small splash of gin on top. You smell the gin, and taste it in the first couple of sips, but mostly you just have a nice big glass of tonic water. Perfect for a hot summer day!

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