Young Jane Young

Young Jane Young by Gabrielle Zevin

I thought this was a re-read.  I SWORE I read this book before. However, none of it was familiar.  I must have just planned to read it, but never actually picked it up! Well, I’m glad I decided to “pick it up again”, because I really enjoyed it.  Politics, family drama, slut shaming…there are some good lessons mixed into this narrative.

The Premise:  The story of Aviva Grossman, a young college intern who found herself in the middle of a sex scandel, is told from the view of 5 women.  I love a story that allows me to see how 1 action can affect people differently.  This story does a great job of allowing us a sneak peek into the lives of the 5 people most affected by this political scandal (news flash, the politician isn’t one of them).

Zevin gets into the hearts and minds of those involved, and while it is heart wrenching at times, the story is also told with a great bit of humor.  I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I hope you will too!

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