The Once and Future Witches

The Once and Future Witches by Alix E. Harrow

What could be more perfect for Halloween than a book about witches?!

The Premise: This is a story of three sisters (Bella, Agnes and June) overcoming a horrible childhood and reconnecting as adults. Add in women’s suffrage & racial inequality and you end up with a powerful book about women finding their strength, supporting each other and loving each other.

After the burning in Salem, women have been forced to hide their witching. Over the years, many have forgotten all but some of the most simplest household spells. However, after meeting with suffragists the sisters soon realize the need to bring women together to relearn and share the power of magic to regain their personal power, whether that means gaining the power of the vote, or simply not being at the mercy of their men.

I loved the book. My only criticism is that it could have used a stronger editing hand. I feel it would have been a better book if it were 100 pages shorter (it is 513 pages). The beginning is strong, the end is stronger, the middle felt just a bit repetitive and wandering. But please don’t let that sway you away from this great witchy book!

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