2021 – My Reading Life, Year in Review

2021 was an awesome reading year for me!  I hit my all time high in completed books – 135!!!

I give the books I read a 1-5 rating.  This year I read 11-5s and a whopping 54-4s!  

Some other stats:

Of the 135, 13 were non-fiction; 5 being self growth, the rest were memoirs.

Of my fiction books, I had a nice mixture of Literary Fiction, Historical Fiction, Magical Realism, Suspense, Romance, Gothic, Humor, YA, Holiday and even a little Fantasy. 

I listened to a ton of audio books this year, taking advantage of the Libby App on my phone, as well as a few from Audible and Libro.fm.  I logged 72 audio books vs only 53 physical books.  While every year I have been seeing an increase in the number of audio books I’ve enjoyed, I was shocked to see it was this many!!!

And speaking of the library…between both audio and physical books, 76 of my reads came from the library!  If you aren’t taking advantage of your local library (or the NYPL if you live in NYS), why not???

And lastly, when I total up the pages of all 135 books (plus pages of the 3 books I started and quit) I logged a total of 46,882 pages!

In case you are wondering why I have all this info, it’s because I keep a simple spreadsheet to log some basic info about the books I’m reading.  Maybe I’m a little bit of a data geek, but I love breaking this down at the end of the year and seeing what I read and what I enjoyed.

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