The Unseen World

The Unseen World by Liz Moore

I would not have picked this up if it were not the February pick for Modern Mrs Darcy’s Book Club.  Reading the cover copy, I would have been all in for “a coming of age story”, but not so much with “glimpses into the development of artificial intelligence and virtual reality”.  I’m glad this one landed in my hands.

The Premise: The narration is told mostly from Ada’s point of view, mostly in the 1980’s, but a few chapters in 2009 and beyond. A few chapters are from even further back, to before Ada’s time when we learn of her father’s (David’s) history.

David is a quirky, overly intelligent mathematician/computer programmer who runs a lab at the Boston Institute of Technology.  Ada is his daughter, born from a surrogate.  David homeschools her, because she is also incredibly bright and he wants to be sure she is challenged and well versed in what he considers well rounded and important subjects.  This home schooling means she spends most of her time at the lab with him and the lab employees, who become her makeshift family.

Unfortunately, David has some secrets; but before he is able to tell her, he is diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer disease.  This leads Ada on a search for answers…and that’s all I can say.

If I were to give the book one criticism, I feel it could have been a little shorter.  The paperback is 451 pages, and I’m not sure they were all necessary.  However, the book is well worth it!

One last note – I was advised to go back and reread the prologue after finishing the book and that’s good advice.

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