Four Thousand Weeks

Four Thousand Week, Time Management for Mortals by Oliver Burkeman

This is not your typical time management / productivity book.  If you are looking for a book filled with tips on doing more, scheduling better and meeting your deadlines, this is not the book for you.

The Premise or should I say Purpose:  Burkeman has done a lot of work in the past on productivity hacks and better time management.  However, it appears he has realized that he hasn’t been looking at the entire picture.

This book isn’t about doing more, it’s a reality check.  Our time on earth is very limited and for most of us, we will never get to do everything there is to do or accomplish everything we are capable of accomplishing.  In the end, Burkeman helps us come to terms with the concepts of time and realize that the only thing we can really do is create a life that is fulfilling to our priorities and let the rest go.

I highly recommend this one!  I struggled to read it in print, but thoroughly enjoyed the audio version.  I just wish I’d taken more notes while listening, so now I may have to re-read it. 

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