The Nest

The Nest by Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney

This was a reread for me, and I can’t even tell you for certain why I picked it back up, but I think it may have just been the pretty cover.  I don’t think I cared for it too much on the first read, but I did enjoy it more the second time around (which I find is often the case). 

The Premise: Year ago, the patriarch of the family set aside some money that the Plumb siblings – Leo, Bea, Jack and Melody would inherit when the youngest (Melody) turns 40.  The amount was not meant to be huge, just enough to help them out a little at a time in their lives when it would likely come in useful and they would be mature enough not to blow it.  The father dies and the money is managed by a family friend.  The market does incredibly well and the ‘Nest’, as the siblings like to call it, has grown to a substantial amount.  All the siblings are counting on their share of the money when tragedy strikes the family and the mother decides to use the bulk of it to bail Leo out of trouble.

The book shows how the promise of money can cause people to make some horrible decisions and how it can cause good people to do not so great things.

There aren’t many likable characters in this book, but the story is strong.  And, the cover is indeed beautiful…isn’t that how you judge a book anyway?

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