Book Lovers by Emily Henry

Book Lovers by Emily Henry

This is a great book to start off my Summer Reading season! Emily Henry takes the typical Hallmark romance trope and asks, what about the big city business woman that gets left behind when her power hungry boyfriend falls in love with the small town baker?

The Premise: Nora is a successful literary agent living in New York City.  She is beautiful, known to be a bit of a shark when it comes to business and has lived this trope more than once.  So, what happens to her when her sister drags her off to a small town for a girls get-away and she meets up with a brooding NYC editor who is also visiting the quiet town?  Sparks fly!  (that’s no spoiler, this is a romance after all)

Book Lovers is about more than just Nora and Charlie.  It’s about the struggles women face to take care of everyone, it’s about loss, it’s about sisters, it’s about family and life decisions we make and have to live with.

Get your summer reading started with a steamy romance!   And while you’re at it, pick up Henry’s other books Beach Read and The People We Meet On Vacation!!

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