Cover Story

Cover Story by Susan Rigetti

This book was recommended to me by my librarian and it was indeed a great pick for me.

The Premise: Lora has failed out of college (and is hiding that fact from her parents) when she gets an internship at ELLE magazine.  Working as an intern she meets and befriends Cat, a rich, eccentric and confident editor.  After working together at Elle, Cat offers Lora a chance to work privately with her, as Cat’s ghostwriter.  Since Lora is being evicted, she ends up moving in with Cat and soon finds herself in the middle of Cat’s dramatic life.

If you watched Inventing Anna, you will notice many similarities.  Just like Inventing Anna, this is a sordid story that I just couldn’t walk away from.  

Important to note – this is an epistolary novel, told through diary entries, FBI reports and emails. I thought this added an interesting dimension to the book, but I know epistolary novels aren’t for everyone, so be forewarned.

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