Sworn to Silence

Sworn to  Silence and more by Linda Castillo

I am loving this crime series.  There are currently 22 books in the series I have read the first three and plan to keep going.  If you like a crime series like Louise Penny’s Inspector Gamache books, these should be right up your alley.

The Premise:  Meet Police Chief Kate Burkholder.  She was born and raised Amish, but left the order after a tragic incident occurred when she was a teenager.  While she is no longer Amish herself, she is the police chief in the town where she grew up, where there is a large population of Amish, including many of her family members.

If you love a strong female protagonist, if you love a police procedural, if you love rural crime stories… pick up Sworn to Silence.  If you like it, you have plenty of reading ahead of you so you will never be without an option for your next good book!


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