Vanishing Edge

Vanishing Edge by Claire Kells

I seem to be reading a bunch of crime thrillers recently and I really enjoyed this one because I love a good wilderness book…when the environment is almost a character itself.

The Premise: Welcome to Sequoia National Park where ranger Hux happens upon an abandoned campsite…or should I say “glampsite”.  This was a site that was set up by a high-end camping company; where they set up the site with expensive camping equipment and supplies, then transport their clients to the site where they can enjoy some time in the great outdoors.  Hux knows there is a problem, because glampers don’t typically wander too far away from their luxurious sites, and there are no signs of the occupants.

Enter former FBI agent Felicity, recovering from a very serious injury and now working for the Investigative Services Bureau.  She is called to the site to assist in the investigation.

I found the story decently complex, as we learn a bit about Felicity and Hux’s backgrounds and I loved the setting.  Claire Kells did a great job painting the picture of the rough terrain and the exhausting investigation.

This book also had entertaining reviews, if you enjoy that sort of thing.  Many people loved it, but a surprising number of people seemed very upset that the author allowed Felicity to bring her dog with her on the investigation, as dogs are not allowed in the National Parks.  Some people were very annoyed that not only was the dog on the trails, but it was off leash! One person was also very bent out of shape that Felicity at one point had the thought “people that don’t like dogs are sociopaths”.  Apparently, the person writing the review was very insulted because they don’t like dogs and they are not a sociopath (are you sure?)  While the majority of the reviews were good, there were several 2-3 start reviews based solely on the dog.  LOL.  Relax folks, the dog isn’t real, and neither is Felicity.  People…don’t be so upset about the actions of fictional characters.  Psst…in case you forgot, they aren’t real.

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