The Family Upstairs/The Family Remains

The Family Upstairs and The Family Remains by Lisa Jewell

I read The Family Upstairs some time ago and now Lisa Jewell has released the sequel, The Family Remains.  I reread the first book to remind myself of the story and then immediately picked up the second.  Both are twisty domestic thrillers that kept me turning the pages!

The Premise:  In The Family Upstairs we meet the Lamb family.  They are well off, living in a mansion in Chelsea, on the banks of the Thames.  Through a story told in dual timelines, we find out how others came to live with them, how the Lambs slowly lost their fortune and how the parents ended up dead in their own kitchen, while the children went missing.

In The Family Remains we learn what happened to the children 25 years ago, and where they are now.  In the author’s notes, Jewell says she had no intention of writing a sequel, even though fans were asking for one.  Then, she found herself drawn to spend more time with one of the children in particular, Henry Lamb.  

Both of these books have great characters, interesting story lines and dual timelines.   If you love a good domestic thriller, I highly recommend picking these up!  I actually enjoyed the sequel just a tad better than the first.  Let me know which one you enjoyed more!

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