Cackle by Rachel Harrison

This book feels a bit like a Halloween fairy tale, making it perfect for a Fall Read, at least in my book.

The Premise:  Annie is dumped by her longtime boyfriend.  Since she can’t afford to live on her own in Manhattan, she takes a teaching job in a quaint town in upstate New York.  While Annie is depressed about the loss of her boyfriend, she is loving the town.  From the cute apartment to the friendly townspeople, it’s like she moved into a Norman Rockwell painting.  This includes her new friend Sophie, who is beautiful and friendly and so very likable.  As Annie settles into her routine of teaching, going to the Farmer’s Market and hanging out with her new friend Sophie, she begins to notice that something seems a little off.

The rest is all witchy goodness that is best enjoyed on the page.  This was a really cute book that didn’t go quite where I thought it would.  Oh, and I will never look at a spider with quite the same amount of animosity.

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