Marilla of Green Gables

Marilla of Green Gables by Sarah McCoy

If you were a fan of Anne of Green Gables or the TV Show Anne with an E, you will love this book!

The Premise – As the title suggests, in this book we learn about Marilla Cuthbert and her life on Prince Edward Island.  This is a prequel to the Anne books and here we learn how young vivacious teen Marilla suffers loss and love and how life circumstances lead her to become the spinster that we all know and love.

I found this story incredibly heartwarming and it made me truly appreciate this character even more than I originally did.

If you have no idea who Anne of Green Gables is, let alone Marilla, it’s still okay.  You could pick up this book and read it as a standalone.  But, I bet when you are done, you will check out Anne of Green Gables, the story of an orphan girl adopted by Marilla and her brother Matthew.

Happy Reading!

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