The Dead Romantics

The Dead Romantics by Ashley Poston

This book had all the feels.  Not just a simple romance, there was family drama, a weird childhood, sibling rivalry and a bit of the supernatural.

The Premise: Florence Day is a ghostwriter for a very famous romance author.  She signed on to write a three book series as this famous author and completed two really great ones!  However, after a bad break-up, she is struggling to believe in romance and therefore, just can’t bring herself to write a good romantic ending to the final book.

While she is struggling with this, her undertaker father dies and Florence has to return home to her family’s funeral home to make arrangements for her dad.  This is made more complicated by the fact that she left her hometown because people there think of her as a freak because…she sees dead people.  Didn’t see that coming, did you?

I loved everything about this book, from the quirky family to the interesting romance that brews.  Of course, it’s a romance, so you get the happily ever after all wrapped up in a bow.

This one is getting lots of good reviews for a reason.  If you enjoy romance with a supernatural twist, grab a copy and let me know what you think of it!

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The Dead Romantics by Ashley Poston

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