Spells For Forgetting

The book Spells for Forgetting on a white background

Spells For Forgetting by Adrienne Young

This book has it all… romance, an unsolved mystery, magic and lots of family drama.

The Premise: Emery and August were more than just high-school sweethearts, they were soul-mates. But one night, right before they are due to run away together, their close friend, Lily, is found dead. The details are unusual and the authorities have no solid evidence or leads. However, August was missing during the time leading up to the murder and his alibi is questionable. Rather than live under the weight of the town’s suspicion, he and his mother leave town in the middle of the night and nobody hears from them again, until years later when August returns to bury his mom’s ashes.

There seems to be a lot of people unhappy about August’s return, and the secrets that have been kept hidden all these years slowly begin to come out into the light.

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Spells For Forgetting by Adrienne Young

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